Monday, June 29, 2020

VoiceShot Announces Calendar Integrations to Automate Voice and Text Message Reminders and Notifications

June 29, 2020, Bingham Farms, Michigan – VoiceShot, the industry's most trusted provider for outbound calling and voice broadcasting today announced an integration to enable businesses and organizations to connect their calendar applications to automate voice and text message appointment reminders and notifications to customers.

VoiceShot’s voice broadcasting & text messaging appointment reminder and notification solutions enable businesses to easily send voice & text messages to customers and employees. This is typically done through manual sending or scheduling of messages by uploading a spreadsheet that contains appointment dates.

By connecting VoiceShot with a calendar application, businesses can remove the manual process involved in sending voice broadcast and text message appointment reminders and notifications by connecting with calendar services such as Google G-Suite and Microsoft Outlook. The entire integration process is handled by the VoiceShot team to eliminate any coding or development work for its customers.

The VoiceShot calendar integration dramatically speeds up communication with customers and employees. For example, if businesses need to send voice broadcast and text message appointment reminders on a daily basis, the integration will eliminate the need to look up appointment times and manually send messages to each customer. This frees up staff time to perform more important tasks and boosts productivity.

The integration aims to improve operational efficiency for large and small businesses and has a wide variety of use cases that can support different business objectives to better reach and engage customers and employees when it matters most.

About VoiceShot

VoiceShot provides the highest quality virtual phone systems and voice broadcasting solutions for enterprise and small businesses. With 1000's of customers and now 20 years in business, we help teams communicate clearly and efficiently by providing voice broadcasting, virtual phone systems, emergency notifications, outbound calling, text messaging, appointment reminders, and a Voice + Text API for software developers. To learn more about VoiceShot, speak with a specialist at (800) 962-0126 or

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